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HR Management

Complete HR Outsourcing

HR manages an organization's workforce by recruiting, training, retaining employees, managing benefits, payroll, and ensuring compliance. They are essential to supporting organizational objectives and building a strong workforce for long-term success.

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Payroll Processing

Complete Payroll Management and Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing is when a company hires another company to handle paying their employees and take care of taxes. It saves time and money, reduces mistakes, helps with rules and regulations, and ensures correct and on-time payment for employees. Ideal for companies with payroll difficulties.

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Statutory Compliance Management

Complete Labour Compliance handling and managing

In India, labor compliance management involves following regulations on the minimum wage, working hours, safety and child labor laws. Employers register themselves with government like EPFO Provident Fund , ESIC and contribute to funds for employees. Accurate records must be maintained and statutory reports submitted. This prevents penalties and legal issues while promoting social responsibility and improving employee satisfaction.

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Recruitment and Talent Hunting

Complete Recruitment and talent hunting services

Recruitment and talent hunting services identify and attract the best candidates for job openings. Recruitment services create job postings, screen resumes, and manage hiring. Talent hunting services find candidates not actively job-seeking and persuade them to apply. These services are crucial for businesses to build a strong team, improve performance, and achieve success.

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Shops Act Registrations

We Provides Quick and Best services for Pan India Shops Act Registrations

Our professional team offers comprehensive Shops Act registration services throughout India at reasonable prices. Let us help guide you through the process hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more.

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Registrations and Records maintenances

We Provides Quick and Best services for different Labor Laws Registrations and Register and Records Maintenance

We have the expert and experienced team for Registration services involve registering a business entity under various labour laws like EPF, ESI, Minimum Wages, and Payment of Bonus Acts Gratuity etc.. Relevant documents are submitted to the authorities to obtain a registration certificate, necessary for compliance. Record and register maintenance involves keeping accurate records of employee personal details, employment, attendance, wages, and other statutory entitlements, per regulations set out by labour laws. These records serve as evidence for compliance and prevent legal disputes with employees.

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Payroll Training

Learn from HR Industry Experts End to End HR Operations and Payroll Processing

A short-term course in payroll processing and HR operations is ideal for those wanting to pursue a career in human resources. It covers payroll processing, benefits administration, employee relations, and compliance and can be completed quickly. Industry experts provide valuable insights into the industry and its trends. Acquiring these fundamental skills and knowledge provides a competitive edge in the job market, making it a fulfilling career for many.

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About Us

We are the expert team of Industry Experts and Professional

Our team consists of experienced industry professionals with expertise in Payroll, Statutory Compliances, Labour Compliances and more. We provide top-notch solutions that cater to our clients' exact needs. We adapt to changing market trends to ensure the best possible service to our clients. Our goal is the success of our clients, by going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Our Valued Customer Reviews

CodeBlock Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurang Bansal

"I recommend this payroll and HR operations firm. They offer excellent services that are prompt and efficient. Their HR operations services are top-notch, and their experienced team provides valuable insights. Overall, I highly recommend this firm for reliable and customized payroll and HR solutions."

Kemicides Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.

M. Sivakumar Reddy

Kashyaps HR Solutions offers top-quality HR and payroll management services with advanced tools and an expert team. Team's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to exceptional services appreciated. Advanced tools have streamlined our clients' processes and increased operational efficiency. Their highly skilled professionals in HR and payroll have made a positive impact on our 'business.

Khyatishield Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Nishi

Manager HR
Kashyaps HR Solutions offers quick and effective compliance registration services such as shops act registration, professional tax registration, and labour welfare registration, PF Registration, ESIC Registration. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible services for their clients, making the entire process fast and top-notch. Their helpful and professional team truly cares about their clients' success. Overall, if you need these services, I highly recommend Kashyaps HR Solutions.

Entrenco Bio-Power Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Nripanka Das

Managing Director
Kashyaps HR Solutions is a top HR and payroll management firm in Delhi NCR, praised for its excellent customer service and efficient solutions. The firm's proactive approach towards HR and payroll management streamlines business operations, while their knowledgeable team offers prompt and accurate solutions. With a focus on customized services, Kashyaps HR Solutions caters to each client's unique needs, prioritizing cost-effectiveness and quality. I personally highly recommend the firm for their professionalism and expertise.

JR Jindal Group of Industries


Kashyaps HR Solutions is a reliable and efficient recruitment service provider. They have successfully fulfilled our various high to mid level open positions such as Production Head and Senior Accountant. Their team is highly capable and qualified to handle such roles. They understand the unique recruitment needs of their clients and go above and beyond to ensure that the positions are filled by the most suitable candidates. From start to finish, they have provided unparalleled support, communication, and guidance throughout the process. Overall, Kashyaps HR Solutions is a top-notch recruitment service provider in Delhi NCR. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for the best recruitment solution provider.

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